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Carolina Classics Original Catfish

Carolina Classics Original Catfish is a mild flavored, white-meat fish that cooks well in any recipe. Its delicate flavor makes it a hit with just about everyone, including kids and even adults who are not typically fish eaters.

Our catfish is available in a variety of cuts, with the most popular being the fillet. We remove all bones, and hand-trim a piece of lean, tender white meat you can cook to perfection in 10 minutes or less. Our fillet strips are bite-sized strips of boneless fillet meat, perfect for stir-fries, kabobs, or fish sticks.  Our catfish nuggets are a value cut - boneless portions of white meat perfect for breading, frying, chowders and stews. We also sell a whole-dressed catfish, bones and all.

Many of our partner-distributors sell Carolina Classics Catfish products from a full-service seafood counters, and may not label the product with our brand.  Be sure to ask if they sell Carolina Classics Catfish the next time you visit the seafood counter. Please visit our Where To Find Our Catfish page to see the retailers and restaurants near you that carry Carolina Classics Catfish.



Carolina Classics Natural Catfish – Grown Naturally For You

How do we guarantee the freshest, most wholesome catfish available? We have it raised right to our strict specifications. Carolina Classics Natural Catfish swim in large earthen ponds filled with pure water – no pesticides or synthetic chemicals are used. Our fish are fed a diet based on natural grains and fish. Care is taken to minimize impact on local land and water.

The Key Is The Setting

The coastal plains of eastern North Carolina are home to remote wildlife sanctuaries and beautiful beaches. Farms in this region are tempered by the Gulf Stream, and tended by families with an outdoor heritage and strong ties to the land. It is in this setting of green fields and forest along with clean air and water that Carolina Classics Natural Catfish are raised.


Our Fish are harvested and transported live to processing daily. Fish are processed by hand, and the result are fresh cuts of catfish fillets, packed icy-cold and ready to ship. Once we receive your order, Carolina Classics Catfish will usually be delivered to you within two business days. So you’ll receive some of the truly freshest fresh fish available on the market today.