• Carolina Classics Catfish

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Carolina Classics Catfish

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North America's Premium Catfish Producer

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For decades we’ve been naturally raising the best-tasting Catfish on the planet.

Our catfish cooks up white and flaky, with a firm texture that works well in any fish recipe. Whether grilling, broiling, baking, poaching, frying or steaming – you will find that Carolina Classics Catfish retains a mild, sweet flavor that pleases palates of all ages.

We bring this native American fish, farmed with simple and natural methods, to you as an excellent seafood choice that is safe and healthy. You can find our catfish at fine dining establishments like Chef & The Farmer, Husk, Masa, and 18 Seaboard. And now, you can have a fresh box of gourmet catfish fillets delivered directly to your door!

Carolina Classics Catfish

7178 Hwy 11 S, Ayden, NC