Our Products

Our Products

Carolina Classics Catfish offers premium seafood products you’ll find in select grocery stores, seafood outlets, and served at some of our nation’s finest restaurants.

Carolina Classics Original Catfish

Carolina Classics Original Catfish is a mild flavored, white-meat fish that cooks well in any recipe. Its delicate flavor makes it a hit with just about everyone, including kids and even adults who are not typically fish eaters.

OriginalOur catfish is available in a variety of cuts, with the most popular being the fillet. We remove all bones, and hand-trim a piece of lean, tender white meat you can cook to perfection in 10 minutes or less. Our fillet strips are bite-sized strips of boneless fillet meat, perfect for stir-fries, kabobs, or fish sticks.  Our catfish nuggets are a value cut – boneless portions of white meat perfect for breading, frying, chowders and stews. We also sell a whole-dressed catfish, bones and all.

Many of our partner-distributors sell Carolina Classics Catfish products from a full-service seafood counters, and may not label the product with our brand.  Be sure to ask if they sell Carolina Classics Catfish the next time you visit the seafood counter. Please visit our Where To Find Our Catfish page to see the retailers and restaurants near you that carry Carolina Classics Catfish.

Carolina Classics Natural Catfish

For discerning customers, who want to know their food is raised naturally in the spirit of organic farming, Carolina Classics raises the only Natural farmed catfish available*. Carolina Classics Natural Catfish is raised under environmentally friendly conditions with additional integrated production specifications for the most natural product possible.

NaturalIt begins on our farms, where selected family farmers choose to raise their fish in clear, freshwater ponds without use of antibiotics or synthetic farming chemicals. The setting is the coastal plain of North Carolina, where the climate is tempered by the Gulf Stream and farmland is surrounded by forest in a very rural setting.  These farmers have ties to their environment that dates back generations, so they take special care to minimize any impact on local land and water by using simple and natural methods of farming. We are the only catfish company certified by a third-party inspection process to verify our commitment to sustainably produce and package the highest quality natural fish possible.

Like our Original Catfish, Carolina Classics Natural Catfish is a consistently mild-tasting fish with a firm, flaky white texture. These fish are grain-fed a combination of corn, soy, and wheat which closely mirrors the nutritional composition of foods the fish consume in their natural environment. This helps provide that mild sweet flavor in every tender bite of Carolina Classics Natural Catfish.  With a delicate flavor profile and firm texture, Natural Catfish are perfect for preparing in any cooking style, whether baking, broiling, sautéing, frying or grilling.

We process and package our Catfish within an hour of when the fish were swimming, then take every measure, even shipping to our partner-distributors by air when necessary, to ensure the freshest catfish possible is available when you shop the seafood case.

Carolina Classics Natural Catfish is raised with strict specifications:

●   Without the use of antibiotics – ever.
●   Using no chemicals in or around the pond.
●   On feed that contains no avian or land animal by-products.
●   In ponds that are filled with well and rainwater.
●  On farms that use very little water the only time we drain ponds is to mend the levies when they require it.
●  Unlike most Catfish on the market, ours has no water added – just 100% Catfish fillet!

*currently, there are no established standards for US organic seafood


Carolina Classics Catfish

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